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Meet The Team


Sophia Is one of our most well-rounded employees! She is the account manager of all customers with the last names that begin with the letters N-Z. You may also become familiar with her voice as she does answering incoming calls, further assistance with any warranty questions, and ensures your deals are done in a positive and understanding manner!


Our newest member to the family but a natural fit! Mari is also an account manager for our customers that begin with the letters A-M. She is your go-to for any insurance questions and assistance you may need with your account, and helps make finalizing a deal simple and worry-free!


To keep it simple, Zach is the reason why your next car is in the best presentable shape it can be in! He may be one of the first faces you see outside, but he stays busy making sure all cars are properly cleaned, mechanically sound, and delivered to you in the best fashion possible. Other than catering outside of the business, he will also assist you with any specific questions you may have about a vehicle and to ensure you receive family like service until you roll off the lot!


Brian has over the years, brought the welcoming experience to all customers at Premium Auto. He knows that no one wants that tacky sales pitch and has the right energy and knowledge to steer you in the right direction. Ensuring from beginning to end each sale is more than just "selling another car," but loves to make sure each person is fully satisfied with their new ride, and leaves with a sense of security joining our family!


Shortly after opening Premium Auto in 2016, Bobby has been with us everyday since! His dose of daily happiness has always been watching the vehicles come in, and spending time to clean, shine and bring them back as close as possible to perfection. When the lot is full, Bobby will take it upon himself to make sure all customers are being helped in a timely manner. He has a remarkable gift of getting people to gravitate towards him and just talk, listen and laugh with any individual that is in front of him. He has said from the beginning that cars, and people have always been his passion and Premium Auto has been the perfect fit for him!


Also known as Mom to everyone! Mom has been the glue to Premium Auto since the beginning. She has no sense of time when it comes to any customer, she simply lives to just connect with people, listening to their stories and connecting with them. Mom has recently retired, but will still get a surprise call from customers to just check-in! She may not be in the office as much as she used to, but her warmth has been etched into Premium Auto and will never be gone!


As everyone refers to "Dan the Man," owner, operator, and to many, a friend. At a young age of 23, he had a colorful vision. Shortly after, that vision was called "Premium Auto Outlet." With the right intentions and with the help of many, he quickly climbed the ladder to re-establish in Sewell, NJ in late 2019 to home more cars and bigger dreams. Mostly well known for his unmatched honesty and compassion for his business, it's easy to say he truly loves what he does. While there are many things that should be said about "Dan the Man," it is easy enough to say he is nothing less than his reputation. A family man, a leader, understanding, and a great friend.


In every small business, there needs to be someone that can quickly, and efficiently solve any problem. Jenna, has developed this natural ability to listen to customers complex or intricate situation, and decode it within minutes! While overseeing the everyday tasks that happens inside the office, Jenna was brought on board knowing very little about cars, but quickly became one of the strongest asset to be part of the team! She has been a major part of our evolution over the years and always appreciates getting to know every customer that walks through those doors!